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A few words about us

Evanoff is a remarkable British funded investment corporation,

which headquarters locates in Britain. It mainly specializes in the investment to French wine estate, new type energy, sled equipment, marine fishing, pet food and chemical products. Evanoff does not only conduct research in these industries but also invest in them. It aims to provide outstanding resources to help entrepreneurs achieve their investment goals and gladly become the sponsor to the entrepreneurs.

Our capabilities

The fundamental philosophy of Evanoff is “The client demands is the most important thing.”, so we practice in the belief that client interests rank first. We provide unique investment procedure for every client from different industry. Our investment team boasts extensive experience and knowledge in the world wide.

Evanoff invests in every phase of a company’s development: from its initialing stage, transformation stage to acquiring stage. We aim to provide professional service and advice to clients and lead them to success.

Who we are

Evanoff also helps to build commercial partnership relation for the client since a successful company does not only require abundant capital, but also the capacity to cooperate with other teams and solve technical issues. .